Stressed Out Students


    Stressed Out Students

    High school student stresses and coping mechanisms

    by Lauren Lagan

    As students handle the responsibility of school and activities, stress becomes a hefty weight on their shoulders. Students that are involved in after school clubs and sports have to find a balance between school work and their activities. Heavier homework loads contribute to the feeling of having too much on one’s plate. A study done at NYU revealed that “Nearly half (49%) of all students reported feeling a great deal of stress on a daily basis…” High schoolers have a great deal of responsibility with some holding down a job on top of everything school related. The stress that students feel can impact their work ethic, cause them to be overwhelmed and constantly keep them running around trying to complete tasks. High school creates new stresses that can cause kids to feel like they’re drowning but there are methods of handling those stressors to have a more enjoyable experience.

    Stress is an unavoidable part of student life, but it doesn’t have to be in control of you. One way to cope is by taking care of yourself. Getting a good amount of sleep, seven hours, eating well-balanced meals, and exercise. There are also numerous hotlines to call when feeling too stressed. Parents can also aid their kids by reassuring them, offering them support and guidance, and connect with teachers. Talking stresses and problems out with friends who are experiencing the same thing can help. It is important for teens to take care of themselves and remember that their health comes before school. Stress shouldn’t control student’s lives and these methods will ensure that it doesn’t.




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