3..2..1.. FINALS!


    3..2..1.. Finals!!

    By Lauren Lagan

    As the 2016 semester comes to a close, there is only one thing standing in the way of relaxation- finals. Teachers begin handing out study guides and the pressure of taking finals suddenly becomes a reality. Some students have found a rhythm of what works for them while others are finding themselves struggling to retain information from August. The State University of New York’s blog gives some helpful advice:

    1. Make sure to take breaks throughout studying. Reviewing material in short intervals is more beneficial than waiting till the few minutes after the bell rings to study.
    2. Keep your studying environment as distraction free as possible. Turn off the TV and any excessive background noise. Put away electronics that aren’t being used to study to minimize distraction.
    3. Eat breakfast the day of tests.  Eating foods that are high in carbs will ensure that you won’t take the test hungry. Eating breakfast will help wake your brain up and make you feel ready to tackle those finals.
    4. Get plenty of sleep during the week of finals. Sleep will relax you and make sure you have enough energy to complete the test and maximize your score on finals.
    5. Stay organized and manage time. Lay out all materials needed and keep each class’s work together. Make a schedule laying out how much time you need to spend on each class and study for the finals that you are taking first.

    These tips are extremely helpful, but one of the most important strategies is believing in yourself. Go into the test telling yourself you will do great and you will. You know the material and by using these study tips, you can feel even more prepared. Use this plan of action to get your finals off your chest and head into winter break feeling confident about your grades.

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