Tips for High School Seniors


    Tips for High School Seniors

    By Prosperity Roddy (a graduating Senior!)

    While seniors are almost out the door to start the rest of their lives, the process of being a senior repeats itself. The juniors are next up and becoming seniors. Here are some tips that will make senior year seem easier.

    1. Plan and make deadlines!

    Senior year is supposed to be the best time of a high schooler’s life. Everyone wants to socialize and participate in their favorite activities. However, the last thing you will want to do is wait for any deadlines to get started on anything. Prepare early, and plan accordingly to make your senior year a breeze.

    Set deadlines for yourself. Deadlines doesn’t necessarily have to be aimed toward just applications. If you set deadlines for yourself, the process will be easier and less stressful for you!. 7

    1. Don’t neglect your homework!

    Even though you still have many activities to do inside and outside of school, colleges will still look at your work throughout the year to make sure that you are still a candidate for scholarships, grants, etc. Letting grades slide will not be good for the first year of college.

    1. Seek help.

    Get help from wherever you need it.Ask teachers, parents or guidance counselors. Anyone who is willing to give good and useful advice. High School doesn’t have to be a struggle.

    1. Have fun

    High school is full of preparation, studying and tests.. If you plan accordingly, it doesn’t have to be a consistent struggle- so live! Go hang out with your friends because this is supposed to be the time of your life!. Relax and continue enjoying all of the things that you love.

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