ACT Prep

    By Madeline Stouffer

    It is no secret that Lee’s Summit High School places a high priority on academics and excelling in all scholarly endeavours. It is no surprise then, that a high importance is placed on Lee’s Summit High School students feeling prepared for and then consequently doing well on the ACT. Many students have mixed feelings on the emphasis placed on the ACT, particularly juniors. All year, in every class, they have been preparing for the ACT in various ways. Whether it’s taking practice science portions of the ACT in Physics every Wednesday, or discussing test strategies in English class, junior year is littered with ACT test prep. Some students see the value in this preparatory work, but many do not. Many drag their feet when their teacher says “Ok, today we’re going to be doing some ACT prep!”. With the mandatory ACT test day having just happened Wednesday for the juniors, hopefully we’ll be able to see all of the prep work pay off. No matter where you stand in regards to your stance on the amount of prep work LSHS has dished out this year for the juniors, it’s undeniable that our school sees the ACT as something worth while.