HOCO or Nah?


HOCO or Nah?

By Jared Newell

It’s that time of the year again, Homecoming! And whether you long for it, or you dread it, it’s here and in full swing. Many LSHS students are coming up with exciting and bold ways to ask potential dates to the dance. The festivities are getting bigger and better this year! Here are some of our favorites from this year so far:


Lucas Carter came up with an amazingly creative way to ask his girlfriend, Justine Marsac , to HOCO. He used Netflix as a fun way to seal the deal!


Conner Rohrich hit it out of the park (or court) with this adorable tennis themed proposal to Lillie Bock. And of course flowers to top it all off!


Sydney Belt got asked to Homecoming with an amazing sidewalk chalk drawing on her driveway from Andy Huffman!


Tyler Williams took us under the sea with a Little Mermaid tribute to ask his bestie Madelyn Brooks to HOCO!