All District Choir


All District Choir

By Camryn Brigham

Every year choir students from all around audition for an all-district choir. This audition is a huge deal to many choir students all around, including many at LSHS. This is an opportunity to allow students in the KC metro to sing together in one big choir, no school rivalries just music. Choir here at LSHS is not just important to the students, but parents and teachers as well. This year 27 tigers were selected for District Honor ensembles.

Yonny Astatke

Elizabeth Bennet

Robert Bruce

Anahi Casas-Perez

Josh Engle

Maggie Gadd

Hunter Garrison

Sarah Gauger

Jack Gerding

Madison Heizer

Sam Jennings

Connor Lovelace

Mason Mackey

Carly McKay

Conor Purcell

Olivia Riley

Paige Anschutz

Shelby Daugherty

Lauren Helm

Karly Johnson

Hanna Swartz

Amy Tippin

Olivia Wilson

Aubrey Wright

Joey Belmore

Josh Nazworthy

And Tyler Williams


Of course none of them could have done this without the the guide of Mr.Munce, Mr.Mauk, or Miss.Miller. These teachers have bettered the music program here at LSHS, driving these students to have the ability to be apart of this choir. Way to go tigers!

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Jared Newell is the Assistant News Director for Tiger Broadcast at LSHS.