KC Chiefs


The KC Chiefs

By Andrew Stringer

The 2015-2016 Kansas City Chiefs have won a combined 21 of their last 30 games. In the 2015 season the chiefs faced many obstacles with the season ending in an injury to Jamaal Charles, leading him to his third ACL surgery and the second on his right knee. Even with the fall of Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs went on to win 10 straight games and clinching a wild card spot facing the Houston Texans. During the AFC wild card game the first kick off of the game was ran back for a touchdown by Knile Davis (who was later traded to the Green Bay Packers then eventually coming back to the Chiefs.) After the Chiefs blowout the Texans, they then move on to the Patriots in Foxborough. These two teams faced off earlier in the year on a Monday night game, which favored towards the Chiefs as they blew the Patriots out of the water. The odds turned out to be in the Patriots favor in Foxborough though. Losing to the Patriots established a burning fire in the Chiefs during the offseason. With Jamaal still out Spencer ware stepped up to the plate in a major role,taking over the backfield in Kansas City. The Chiefs have been on a role during the 2016 season winning 10 games so far and holding the second seed in AFC West. The Chiefs are in a good spot to make the playoffs and go deep, with a possibility of a Super Bowl appearance with the season ending injury to Rob Gronkowski. The Pats are the only team that the Chiefs bare a season ending game against, but many say the Chiefs can overcome the doubt of our lack of offensive movement during the last three weeks. Even so, I believe that the Chiefs can make it to Houston for Super Bowl 51.

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