Aleah’s Surgery


Aleah’s Surgery

by Jared Newell

At LSHS we pride ourselves on helping one another in times of need. Whether it be buying t-shirts to help in a teacher’s fight against cancer, volunteering to help collect change for a staff member in need or just being supportive and kind to someone who needs a little positive energy, LSHS tigers are very supportive. Well, this call to help is a little bit different.

Aleah Grisafe, a senior here at LSHS, was diagnosed with bilateral FAl hip impengment, which means she has an extra bone going on her femur and the head of her hip bone. This causes extreme pain for Aleah anytime she walks or moves. It even caused her to give up her favorite sport, swimming. After years of searching, Aleah recently she received the amazing news that a doctor could preform the surgery on March 3rd. The only issue is that it comes with a $1845 copay that is due two weeks before the surgery. Without the surgery, Aleah could be unable to walk within a few years. To help get the money Aleah has started a GoFundMe account. Continuing with the LSHS supportive tradition, we urge you to help a member of our community; every single penny and dollar counts.