Donald Trump gets involved with NFL Players’ Kneeling by Josh Walker


Around 13 months ago Colin Kaepernick started kneeling for the nation anthem. This lead to months and months of discussion about it. Many fans all across the country were outraged at this. Colin explains that he kneeled because he couldn’t stand for this country’s flag or anthem because there is inequality towards blacks. Along with that Colin was voted the most hated player in the NFL but his jersey was the #1 seller. With all this happening this was big news but it continued to happen and few players here and there decided to join in. It bothered some people but there was only the sports world was talking about it….ntil recently when the President of the United States, Donald Trump encouraged fans that if they see a player kneeling they should either leave or stop watching the game. Many people think that making bold statements like that has created a great divide within the U.S.. This story is now national news. With all this attention more NFL players decided to take action against these comments. The Dallas Cowboys took a knee as a team right before the national anthem on Monday night, but the Cowboys stood up when the anthem was playing. The Steelers stayed in the locker room besides Alejandro Villanueva who is a war veteran. Along with that many other teams around the league locked arms while the anthem was playing. That Sunday was a day to remember.. A day to remember what it’s like to be an American citizen.