Spring Break Planning


    Spring break planning

    By Hunter Weakley


    Believe it or not spring break is coming up in the next few weeks, and for those who don’t have a clue what to do during the break, I will give some ideas on what you can do.


    One thing you can do over the break is spend time with your friends in downtown Lee’s Summit. With a mix of shopping, restaurants and other festivities, a trip downtown will be a fun visit!


    Another thing to do during the break is visit James A reed, a wildlife memorial where you can spend time fishing, trails and picnicking with friends.


    If lakes aren’t your favorite thing, then check out a few parks around the area such as Lea McKeighan park, Banner park and Charles David Hartman memorial park.


    If shopping is more of an interest to your friends, you can check out the Independence Center. This large mall is perfect for spending time shopping with friends.


    Not interested in shopping but Interested card games such as pokemon or yugioh, or just like watching movies and anime? Then visit the local store Vintage stock. Vintage stock is jam packed with tons of of video and gaming entertainment.